Steve Evans | Propeller Warehouse

High Strength Aluminium (H.S.A.) propellers

"Genesis" and "Pandora" high strength x5 aluminium propellers are the marque of Australian born prop guru Steve Evans, who is well known in boating circles.

From the mid 1980’s to 2018, Steve distributed the Solas propeller range in Australia and was instrumental in both propeller testing many innovations in the industry.

Coming from a nautical family in boatbuilding and fishing industry, it was only natural for Steve to specialise in propulsion when the opportunity appeared.

With thousands of on water boat trials and hundreds of boat shows throughout his 35 years’ experience, Steve has now combined with recent new casting technology to produce a totally new breed of High Strength Aluminium (H.S.A.) propellers. With much of the performance of stainless steel propellers, but with half the weight, the “Pandora” marque is born.

Steve’s passion for boating performance led to his involvement in factory new digital mould making and robotic production facilities, which has been his focus for the past 5 years. These new modern advancements in production means prices are now more affordable than ever, and are fantastic alternatives to O.E.M brands of Volvo, Mercruiser, Yanmar , and all the popular Japanese outboard brands.

With new designs in outboard propulsion systems which enhance safety, and the emergence of hybrids by Steve, Propeller Warehouse will not disappoint in the near future .

Watch this space!